Warning: This may be a spoiler,read at your own risk.

Algicosathalon: Day 1
Goal: To enter the bowl as fast as you can
Winner Yellow
Final 2: Purple and Tan
Eliminated: Tan


1st- Yellow +100 1st Yellow 100

2nd- Orange +70 2nd Orange 70

3rd- Brown +50 3rd Brown 50

4th- Lime +40 4th Lime 40

5th- Lavender +30 5th Lavender 30

6th- Blue +25 6th Blue 25

7th- Red +20 7th Red 20

8th- Olive +15 8th Olive 15

9th- Magenta +12 9th Magenta 12

10th- Pink +10 10th Pink 10

11th- Navy +8 11th Navy 8

12th- Gray +6 12th Gray 6

13th- Cyan +4 13th Cyan 4

14th- Green +3 14th Green 3

15th- Purple +2 15th Purple 2

16th- Tan +1 16th Tan 1 ELIMINATED


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