Algicosathlon is an Algodoo activity made by many people, such as carykh, Jack Spero, etc.

Nowadays, there are implementiaions of Algicosathlon in other gravity psychics programs, not only Algodoo. There are also animations of Algicosathlon. There are also themed Algicosathlons which dont have colors but characters like those in Object Shows or Undertale.


At the start of the season, there were 20 events and 16 athletes. The contestants were:

In the first day, within the series goes on, the points go up to 50%. The first event was Race to the Bowl. Lavender was the first athlete to attempt to get in the bowl, then Brown attempted, and both failed. Blue almost got in, but he failed too. Yellow was the first one to get in the bowl. Shortly after, Orange made it in second shortly after Yellow did. Brown achieved third place, and Lime got fourth. Lavender got fifth, Blue got sixth, and Red got seventh. Cyan almost made it in, but failed. Magenta tried to get in, and failed. Olive got eight place, and the event hits the half-way mark, with eight remaining and seven spots remianing. Magenta and Pink got ninth and tenth place respectively. Navy got eleventh. Cyan tried even more, but always fails. Five athletes remain, and four spots remain. Gray got twelfth. Cyan finally entered the bowl, and got thirteeneth. Green then got fourteeneth, and Purple and Tan battle for the last spot. Purple won, and Tan was the first boot with 1 point.(Spoiler-purple went on to win the event).

In the second day, the event was BMX cycling. The final fifteen were shown at score order. Brown lost control, and Lavender, Blue, Lime, Red and Olive fell off along with him, making nine players remain. Pink and Magenta escaped the crash. Gray then lost control by bumping Navy and Cyan and Green fell along with him. Purple avoided the crash just like Pink and Magenta. Six athletes remain, and a speed bump appeared on the track. Orange was the first one to fall off from the bump. Magenta, Yellow and Pink all fell off. Purple and Navy were the top two. Purple fell, and Navy won. Cyan was eliminated with 22 points.

In the third day, it had two events. The first event was archery. There were two teams, with light colors (Orange, Red, Lime, Lavender, Pink, Magenta and Yellow) and with dark colors (Gray, Blue, Olive, Green, Brown, Purple and Navy). Magenta was the first one to get shot. Blue, from the dark team, got 75 points for not getting hit by a arrow. Magenta, Pink and Orange were the light survivors, and Blue and Purple were the dark survivors. The light colors won, and got 50 points to all members, and there was no elimination. The second event was sled-dog racing. The first group was Yellow, Orange and Navy. Yellow was the first one to make it. Pink, Magenta and Purple were next, and Purple broke Yellow's record and was first to make it. Blue, Lime and Lavender were next. Lavender made it first and Lime almost made it first, but Lavender's time was 49.2 and Lime's time was 49.3. Red, Brown and Green were next. The last ones were Olive and Gray. With 96 points, Red was eliminated.

In the fourth day, the event was long jump. Yellow was the first one to jump, and the order was from rankings; Purple made it next. Olive was next. After him, Navy came up. Pink was next, and so on. Lavender was the last one to jump. Lime won the event. Brown was eliminated with 154 points.

In the fifth day, it was another double event day. The first one was tower defense, and the two teams were A-M (Blue, Gray, Green, Lavender, Lime and Magenta) and N-Z (Navy, Olive, Orange, Pink, Purple and Yellow) A-M's tower was the first one to be hit. A-M won. The next challenge was rowing, and there were two groups of six. Orange won the event. The eliminated athlete was Magenta, with 302 points. She was the first athlete with her memories being shown.

In the sixth day, the event was basketball, the eliminated athletes were the players, and the balls were crafted by the remaining athletes, with three of each color. Orange was the first athlete to get a ball in the basket, and Olive was the first athlete to get all of his balls in the basket, making him win the event. Navy was eliminated with 445 points.

In the seventh day, the final ten got extra points from viewers, and the event had no elimination. The first group was Purple, Gray and Pink, and Purple moved on the final round. The second group was Yellow, Green and Lavender. Lavender made it to the final round. The third group was Blue, Orange, Olive and Lime. Olive moved on the final round. The final round consists of Olive, Purple, and Lavender. Purple won the event, and there was no elimination for the event.

In the eighth day, it was a blast from the past. There was RTTB 2 and BMX 2. The RTTB 2 event had two bowls, and Olive was the first one to get in the bowl. Pink and Lime were the first two to make it. Instead of making it first, Yellow was third. Gray, Olive, Purple, Green and Blue were next. Orange was second-to-last and Lavender was last. Green was the first athlete to be eliminated in that day, with 1516 points. In BMX 2 Gray was the first to fall, and Yellow won. Gray was eliminated at 2211 points.

In the ninth day, the event was hockey. The teams were long names (Purple, Lavender, Yellow and Orange) and short names (Pink, Olive, Lime and Blue). There were 7 rounds. The long name team won.

In the tenth day, Olive was eliminated with 3367 points, and the event was nighttime baby transportation on horseback. The first group was Yellow and Blue. The second was Lavender and Lime, and finally Purple, Orange and Pink. Pink won the event, and with 4843 points, Orange was eliminated.

In the eleventh day, the event was bowling. There was only one round, and the order is from rankings, meaning that Pink starts and Blue is the last one. Lime and Blue got 16 points, since Lime was bowled 3 out of 5 times, he won. And Purple won the event, and Blue was eliminated with 7236 points.

In the twelfth day, they did weightlifting. The darker weights are heavier. Lavender and Pink got the first weights. Yellow was the first one to die in the first round and Lavender won. Purple lost in the second round, and Lime won. In the third round, Lavender lost, and Purple won. Also, Lavender was eliminated with 12614 points.

In the thirteeneth day, the event was wrestling in a tournament style, and it was best of three. They lose if they touch the ground. The first round of the preliminary round was Lime vs. Yellow. Yellow won both rounds and advances to the winner round. The final round of the preliminary round was Purple vs. Pink. Purple won both rounds like Yellow. The loser round was Lime vs. Pink. Pink won both rounds. The winner round was Yellow vs. Purple. Yellow won the second round, and Purple won. Pink was eliminated with 20063 points.

In the fourteeneth day, they did pearl catching. Purple got the first pearl, but she kicked it out. Yellow was in the lead with 12 pearls. Purple beats Lime when she got the last pearl, and Lime got eliminated with 12 pearls and 33061 points. The final two was Yellow and Purple

In the final (fifteeneth) day, there were three events. The first one was weightlifting 2. Purple got the first weights, and Yellow moved the arms in one side. Purple got a nonwhite weight, and Yellow lost. In RTTB 3, Yellow won, and Purple took a long time to get in the bowl. The third (and final) event was BMX 3, and the teams were the same as the archery contest (Yellow's team has Tan and Cyan, and Red is on Purple's team) Red fell off first. Orange was the first member from Yellow's team to fall. Purple was the first team captain to fall. Cyan was the last athlete of Yellow's team to fall, and Purple won thanks to Brown. With 63671 points, Yellow was eliminated and Purple won with 69916 points.

Placing(Carykh's algicosathlon)

  1. Purple (69916, Winner)
  2. Yellow (63671, Runner-up)
  3. Lime (33061)
  4. Pink (20063)
  5. Lavender (12614)
  6. Blue (7236)
  7. Orange (4843)
  8. Olive (3367)
  9. Gray (2211)
  10. Green (1516)
  11. Navy (445)
  12. Magenta (302)
  13. Brown (154)
  14. Red (96)
  15. Cyan (22)
  16. Tan (1, last place)

Well-known Algicosathlon creators


Jack Spero




David Rycan

John Dubuc

Algobelt Official


Henry Zhang

Super Hyper Guy


Fan Glenn



Most Algicosathlon creators also create marble races.

Rejoins are rare,usually due to fan favorites(Lime,Cyan,Blue,Green etc) rejoining most of the time.

Few years ago Race To The Bowl would usually be the first event in an Algicosathlon. However in recent times RTTB was criticized by many viewers for being unoriginal and repetitive,because of that recent creators usually use different events as the first event.