Algicosathlon day 10 is FINALLY here! Last time White and Maroon were eliminated in a double elimination. Also we have reached the final 8. Congratulations to all the colors who made it this far. The competitions getting tougher.





9th - White

10th - Maroon

11th - Blue

12th - Grey

13th - Magenta

14th - Orange

15th - Pink

16th - Black

17th - Purple

Here are the athlete confessionals.

Red: Its a shame Maroon is eliminated just days after his debut.

Lime: If Lavender gets eliminated then i will be the last girl standing. I think ill make it to the finale.

Cyan: The competition is pretty tough.

Yellow: Despite being a rejoiner. I seem to be doing well

Event 10. Car ride

I know this is unoriginal and Luka is the one to create this event. But i really liked it. You have to stay in the car for as long as possible. Yellow fell first,then Navy,Red,Lime,Green and Cyan. Lavender falls next and Brown is the last to fall. What about elimination?

The eliminated contestants will vote. Purple will vote first and White will vote last.

After the eliminated contestants voted

Lime. The tribe has spoken. With 6 out of the 9 votes. You are elimnated. They probably voted for you because you are a big threat and you went far in many Algicosathlons. See you at the finale.

Memories of Lime

She was third in RTTB. While in she did well in day 2 - 6

Lime's reputation as a threat increased at day 7 with 5th place

In Escape the box. Lime was one of the last few to escape She did Ok until day 10. Her only hope was voting.

But majority of the eliminated contestants voted her for being a threat. That got her elimination.

She outlasted Almost every female in the game. Only losing to Lavender

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