Last time on Algicosathlon. Athletes had to ride on a car. Even though Yellow was first to fall. He wasnt eliminated. Instead the eliminated contestants had to vote and Lime was eliminated.

Left in the game.

Red,Green,Cyan,Brown,Yellow,Navy and Lavender


8th - Lime

9th - White

10th - Maroon

11th - Blue

12th - Grey

13th - Magenta

14th - Orange

15th - Pink

16th - Black

17th - Purple

Here are some confessionals. There are a lot this time

Green: NOOOO my sister. I will win this for you.

Lavender: Lime should have been the last girl in the game. Not me

Brown: I havent made a confessional for a while now

Event 11(team event). Dodgeball

The goal is to hit as many members from the opposing team as possible. One person will have to sit out because their is an odd number and that person is Lavender

Teams are light and dark(Red,Cyan and Yellow are on light while Navy,Green and Brown are on dark)

Cyan kills Navy and Green.

Brown shoots the dodgeball and kills Red. But Brown gets killed.

Evebt 11.5 Mini course

About elimination. All three colors who lost will have to compete this mini course. Whoever comes last in that is eliminated. Navy comes first and is safe. Green was stuck at a spinner for a long time and Brown was very close to the finish. But Green overtakes him on the last moment. Sorry Brown but you are eliminated.

Memories of Brown

Brown was basically a luck hitter. Narrowly escaping last and doing poor in most of the events. But he did great in some events

With his elimination. Navy is the last dark color left(Green is medium)

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