Last time on the Algicosathlon. Yellow was eliminated with no points.

Event 2. Ball throw

Each of the remaining Contestants have made a ball. The objective is to throw it as far as you can! On a kilometer long track. Wondering who starts first? Well. Blue starts first since he is top of the leaderboard. Then Green and Lime and so on.

Blue starts. With an ok 67m distance

Green does worse than Blue. With a total of 59 m distance

Lime takes the lead with a total of 133 m distance!

Red throws bad. Only a measly 17 m distance.

Grey gets a 102 m distance. Not enough to beat Lime. But pretty good.

Pink,Black and Navy. All score between 62 to 104 m.

Cyan gets a RECORD score of 367 m distance!!!!!!

Purple gets only 16 m score.

While the rest got a distance between 20 and 190

Lets see the results

1. Cyan. 367 m. 150 points.

2. Lavender. 190 m. 110 points.

3. Magenta. 133 m. 95 points. TIED.

4. Lime. 133 m. 95 points. TIED.

5. Navy. 104 m. s.

6. Grey. 102 m. .

7. Brown. 92 m.

8. White. 80 m.

9. Pink. 74 m.

10. Blue. 67 m.

11. Black. 62 m.

12. Green. 59 m.

13. Orange. 30 m.

14. Red. 17 m. .

15. Purple. 16 m.

From now on athletes depend on luck and not points. Since Purple threw the least far. She is eliminated! Oh and also I replaced lava pit with an eliminated athlete container.

Memories of Purple

in RTTB. Purple did bad. Placing 15th. Only yellow doing worse than her

Purple was deeply thinking about elimination. Well. Her ball threw only a measly 16 m and that was more than enough to eliminate her.

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