Were Back with another day of Algicosathlon


1st: Orange 156 points

2nd: Red 112 points

3rd: Pink 109 points

4th: Magenta 77 points

5th: Tan 75 points

6th: Lime 65 points

7th: Brown 63 points

8th: Navy 53 points

9th: Purple 48 points

10th: Green 45 points

11th: Lavender 43 points

12th: Blue 39 points

13th: Yellow 38 points

14th: Cyan 35 points

15th: Gray 31 points [ELIMINATED]

16th: Olive 1 point [ELIMINATED]

White: We are doing Archery.

Let's do... Fan Favorites VS Disliked

FanFavorite Team Disliked Team
Yellow Magenta
Blue Brown
Orange Green
Lavender Purple
Red Pink
Lime Tan
Cyan Navy

They stand on platforms.

The Happening (Part 1)

Red and Blue kill Tan and Brown.

Later... Team Fan Favorite Wins!

Orange, Yellow, Lime, and Lavender each get 50 points.

Red, Cyan, and Blue, get 75 points each.

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