Welcome back with another day of my algicosathlon

Bob: Today's event is deathball!

Cyan: Deathball? What in the world is that?

Navy: It's a game like dodgeball, but the balls are destructive.

Cyan: So are we divided up into groups?

Navy: Usually, it's light vs dark

Cyan: Thanks for filling me in, bro!

The Happening (Part 1)

Lights: 2 survivors, 6 dead

Darks: 3 survivors, 5 dead

The Happening (Part 2)

Lights: 1 survivor, 1 dead

Darks: 1 survivor, 2 dead

The Happening (Part 3)

It's a tie 1 to 1.

But the lights won.

White, Pink, Magenta, Red, Tan, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Cyan, Navy, and Purple get 50 points each!

But wait! This is a double event day!

Today's other event is marbles!

On leg 1, Blue did terrible, but red did even worse.

On the final leg, brown won, navy got second, and purple got third!

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