Algicosathlon Day 7 my version is here!

Remaining athletes






12th - Magenta

13th - Orange

14th - Pink

15th - Black

16th - Purple

17th and last - Yellow.

First let see what some Confessionals

Lavender: Now that Magenta is gone. Me and Lime are the only girls left.

Red: Wow. Ive gotten much farther than in Carykh's Algicosathlon.

Blue: i will win. I just know it.

Now for the challenge.

Event 7. Race to the bowl again

I just felt like doing it again. You know the rules.

2 minutes later. White is first. Green is second and Blue is 3rd.

Red nails 4th,Lime 5th

5 minutes later. Lavender,Navy and Maroon placed respectively in 6th,7th and 8th. Then comes Brown in 9th and finally Cyan in 10th. Grey is unfortunately too late and placed 11th which eliminates him.

Memories of Grey

In RTTB. Grey did great with 5th place.

Grey did ok the event 2 as well. Safe in the middle of the pack

In Hockey. Grey's team won. That further improved his progress.

Grey missed Greens crash in day 4 and went safely through. Grey fell when White slightly pushed him.

Grey did bad in Earthquake being the third to fall.

Grey succesfully reached the safe platform

But he failed in RTTB again by getting last place. Goodbye Grey

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