This is Algicosathlon day 8 by Bumblebee the transformer. Despite only one vote. Yellow rejoins because he had the vote.


Red,Blue Green,





12th - Grey

13th - Magenta

14th - Orange

15th - Pink

16th - Black

17th - Purple

We have some athlete confessionals

Yellow: its good to be back. I knew i would rejoin because i was first eliminated.

Cyan: Grey is gone. We didnt care about him anyway.

Red: WOW. I went fay farther than in Carykh's and Erikfasset's Algicosathlons now.

Event 8. Escape the box

Athletes are trapped in an open box and their goal is to escape. The one who stays longest in the box is eliminated.

Green is the first to escape the box,Then Lavender,Then Yellow.

Red,Cyan,Brown and White soon escape. Navy does a bizarre move to get out of the box soon and Lime. After 5 minutes Maroon escapes. Blue, sorry but your trail ends here. Lets take a look at some of the epic times you had.

Memories of Blue

Blue finished first in RTTB! What a great start.

Blue placed 10th in day 2,

In Day 3.Blues team(dark colors) lost. That downed his winning chances. He placed 3rd in Basketball. Which once again increased his winning chances.

In BMX. Blue was the second to fall(Only Pink doing worse).

Blue was safe in the middle in Earthquake.

Blue placed 2nd in Lava dodge. Once again increasing in chances of winning

Blue made a confessional about his good progress in day 7. That good progress continued with 3rd in RTTB again.

But its all about luck and not points. Blue was the last to escape in escape the box. Goodbye Blue

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