Last time on Algicosathlon. The event was a dodgeball competition. Today is a double elimination event. Which means day 14 will be the grand finals

Left in the game








7th - Brown

8th - Lime

9th - White

10th - Maroon

11th - Blue

12th - Grey

13th - Magenta

14th - Orange

15th - Pink

16th - Black

17th - Purple

Event 12. BMX 2

Since im running out of events. I decided to repeat BMX cycling again.

Navy fell first. Red fell second. Then a massive collision takes everyone but Cyan who falls a lap later.

Navy and Red are eliminated for falling first and second.

Memories of Navy and Red

Navy and Red did well in most events.

With Red gone. Yellow is the last primary color in the game and with Navy gone. There are no dark colors left.

Cyan is also the only member of the Blue family because Navy got eliminated.

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