At last. The moment all of us have been waiting for. The grand finals are here!!!!

Green,Lavender and Cyan will compete in the final challenge. Which is a 100000 m freefall First to reach ground wins. spinners and other stuff will be in your way.

Event 14. 1000 m Freefall

Green,Lavender,Cyan. This is your ultimate challenge. 3..2..1. GO!

Green reaches the first spinner,Cyan passes it in ease

Current status. Green - 190 m,Cyan - 204 m,Lavender - 77 m

Cyan Green and Lavender have a massive freefall until they hit the second set of spinners. Green goes near the edge and avoids the third and fourth set. Cyan also freefalls hard to the fifth set set

Current status. Green - 567 m,Cyan - 788 m,Lavender - 500 m.

Cyan dodges the set easily and wins

Cyan: yay im first.

But hold on. you dont win. The eliminated contestants will vote you. One with the most votes win

Eliminated contestants vote

Red: I vote Cyan. He needs a win.

Lime: I vote Green to win.

Blue: I vote for Cyan too.

after everyone votes.

Cyan with 9 votes. WINS ALGICOSATHLON!!!!!

Green with 5 votes places second

and Lavender places 3rd

Congrats Cyan

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