Last time on Algicosathlon. Purple was eliminated and a loser box replaced lava.

This time there will be 2 events. A team event and a regular event. First the team event.

Event 3. Hockey

There are 10 pucks and and since in most algicosathlons the team on the left loses. Spinning arms are not included but the athletes themselves move.

The teams are light colors and dark colors.

a minute later.

3 pucks remain. Navy scored an autogoal by mistake. Light colors. 5 goals. Dark colors. 1 goal. 1 autogoal. We know that light colors won. Since it was a team event. NO ELIMINATIONS.

Event 3.5 Basketball

Unlike Carykh's, only a single ball is crafted instead of three. Yellow and Purple play this.But they wont rejoin however. Red's basket ball is the first to enter the basket. Followed by Brown and Blue. Lime's ball still stuck on a spinner. Green and Navy's ball enter the basket. after everyone entered the basket. Blacks ball entered last. So he is OUT.

Memories of Black

Black did good at Race to the bowl. Securing 7th place.

Black did bad at ball throw. Being the 5th last.

Black's team lost at Hockey. That made his chances of winning even less.

He was finally eliminated at basketball after his ball could not get pass one of the spinners for a long time until the end.

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