It is finally here! Algicosathlon day 6 will have a new contestant debut!














12th - Orange

13th - Pink

14th - Black

15th - Purple

16th - Yellow

Event 6. Tug of war.

Here are the 8 athletes who have a chance to join




Hot pink

Dark green.




The goal is simple. Do not fall in the lava.

First up. Tan vs Maroon

Maroon ultimately throws tan into the lava. ouch. Maroon moves on to the next round.

Round 1. Match 2. Teal vs Hot pink

Teal wins easily. Hot pink had no chance. Teal moves on to the next round.

Round 1.Match 3. Dark green vs Olive

Olive made a mistake and fell into the lava.

Round 1.Match 4. Rainbow vs Dandelion

Rainbows multicolor looks and immense strength sent Dandelion flying into the lava.

Skipping to finals.

Maroon vs Rainbow.

and Maroon will join Algicosathlon.

Event 6.5 Lava dodge

The event is to avoid the lava at the bottom of the pit. and get to the safe platform at the east of the pit. If 2 or more contestants fall. A second round will be held and the first person to fall is eliminated.

Lime is the first person to reach the safe platform. Followed by Blue and Red. Then Cyan.

As for poor Lavender. She fell into the lava.

Grey and Green reached the safe platform too. But Magenta failed to and fell in the lava too. After everyone reached the safe platform. A second round is held. Between Lavender and Magenta.

After 6 minutes of waiting. Lavender escaped and Magenta was too late. Magenta is eliminated. She goes to the looser box. Which has now replaced the lava pit.

Memories of Magenta

In Race to the bowl. Magenta got a poor position of 12th. If she wanted to she'd better try harder.

In Ball throw. Magenta came 3rd! Tied with Lime. But worse times were to come. Purple.One of her friends was eliminated that day.

Magenta's team(dark colors) lost on day 3. But she did ok at basketball with 7th place.

During day 4. Magenta was one of the cyclists involved in the colossal crash caused by Green! A tragedy happened for Magenta as Pink, another of her friends got eliminated.

Day 5 was Magenta's best day ever. She won and mastered the earthquake event.

But luck can change horribly in just a single day. In day 6. Magenta fell into the lava along with Lavender. Her fate was depended on a second round. In which Lavender escaped. Magenta was too late. Goodbye Magenta

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