Its here!






11th - Blue

12th - Grey

13th - Magenta

14th - Orange

15th - Pink

16th - Black

17th - Purple.

We have only 1 athlete confessional

Maroon: my first confessional. Hope i make it far.

Event 9. Escape the bowl.

Just like RTTB. But you have to avoid the bowl.Maroon is the first one to hit the bowl. Then White and Cyan. Then Green,Lime,Red,Navy and Brown and finally Yellow and Lavender. Ive decided this is a double eliimination. So both Maroon and White are eliminated. They both had good runs.

Memories of White and Maroon

White did ok between day 1 - 3

White was involved in Greens crash in day 4.

He continued to do ok. Until now where he second last. Since it was a double elimination. He got eliminated.

As for Maroon. He debuted and got elimnated shortly after. Its no surprise

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