• Hollytang

    I saw a lot of random comments in this wiki. I don't wanna talk about them right now. But stop doing it! This is Algicosathlon wiki, not random wiki! If you really want to do random things, go here: Or search 'Random wiki'

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  • Bumblebee the transformer

    Ok. I have an announcement. I want to improve this wiki. First off.I have disabled anon editing on this wiki because of constant spamming in the comments by them

    Next. I hope registered users can join this wiki to make this wiki better.

    Thats all for now. Bye

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  • MLGHaruhi

    16th- Purple (1 point)

    15th- Red (9 points)

    14th- Cyan (60 points)

    13th- Pink (134 points)

    12th- Gray (275 points)

    11th- Tan (435 points)

    10th- Blue (1,059 points)

    and 9th- Magenta (2,011 points)

    8th- Navy (2,150 points, disqualified)

    7th- Lavender (4,276 points)

    6th- Brown (7,443 points)

    5th- Green (11,068 points)

    4th- Yellow (17,510 points)

    3rd- Orange (38,244 points)

    2nd- Lime (61,576 points)

    1st- Olive (69,062 points)

    By MLGHaruhi

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