Blue is a male athlete in the Algodecathlon and Algicosathlon.

He was the second eliminated in the Algodecathlon, but in the Algicosathlon he was in the Final 6 along with Lavender, Purple, Pink, Lime, and Yellow before being eliminated, getting 6th place in Algicosathlon.

Gender: Male
Day Eliminated 11
Place 6
Enemies Purple, and Olive


Blue has a nice, friendly personality, sometimes screaming out in excitement. Though he sometimes is sad when his best friends, such as his alliance members get eliminated. His personality is similar to Baseball from II.

Memories of Blue

In Algicosathlon Day 1, He finished 6th as a result and 6th on the leaderboard.

In Algicosathlon Day 2, He fell during the first crash, finished 14th as a result and falling to 12th on the leaderboard. This made Lime 3rd place overall.

In Algicosathlon Day 3, He was the only one unharmed, his team lost, however, he got 7th place overall, then 12th overall again. Ouch! He also got pushed down by one of his friends, Gray.

In Algicosathlon Day 4, He did surprisingly well, placing 3rd place. Because of this, he got bumped up to 5th overall.

In Algicosathlon Day 5, His team won, so he along with Magenta, Lime, Green, Lavender, and Grey gained 100 points, so he got 3rd place overall. He was the second fastest rower, so he got 1st place! Not a single contender higher than him! However, an alliance member, Magenta, was eliminated, making him and Lavender sad.

In Algicosathlon Day 6, He got a mediocre performance. He, however, finished 3rd as a result and 2nd on the leaderboard.

In Algicosathlon Day 7, Blue was in the Final 10 along with Olive, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Gray, Lime, Purple, and Lavender. He got the most votes and was bumped up to 1st. He was the second to worst excavator, but he kept his place at the top, surprisingly.

In Algicosathlon Day 8, he didn't do so well in the second Race to the Bowl, and, as a result, fell to 6th place overall. He quickly rebounded though. In the second BMX Cycling challenge, he got 2nd place, and 2nd overall.

In Algicosathlon Day 9, He was on the short name team with Pink, Olive, and Lime. His team lost the challenge. However, he stayed in 2nd place overall.

Algicosathlon Day 10 was a miserable day for him. He lost all his babies in the NBTOH challenge, and he fell to 6th place, only one spot away from elimination!

In Algicosathlon Day 11, He bowled very well. He tied with Lime for 3rd place. However, Lime beat him, causing him to fall to last place and be eliminated. He finished 4th as a result and 6th on the leaderboard. Everyone will miss you, Blue, but wait!

He was mentioned in Day 12, when Cary said two eliminated athletes would be rejoining. Since he is a fan fave, he would've gotten the most votes and be one of the two rejoiners.


  • Blue must be a fan favorite due to him getting over 1000 points on day 8
  • Coincidently, Blue got 6th in the first challange but placed 6th overall.
  • Blue has an alliance with Magenta, Lavender, Pink, Red, Brown, Navy, and Green
  • If Lime would not have won 3rd and got 4th on day 8, Blue would have been spared and possibly gotten into the final 3.

  • If the double rejoin happened, he would've rejoined along with Tan, the first one eliminated, bumping Cyan to 16th place overall.
  • Blue is enemies with Olive when he knocked Olive down and is rivals with Orange in the babies challenge. He hated Lime for beating him which cause his elimination in Algodecathlon and Algicosathlon. He is friends with Magenta, Lavender, Pink, Red, Brown, Navy, Green, Yellow, Purple, White, Gray, Dark Green, Cyan, Magenta and Tan.