Lime is a male athlete in the Algicosathlon, and one of the final three colors along with Yellow and Purple.

Appearance and Personality

Lime is Green in the Algodecathlon, except Lime has bolder colour. He is kind, compassionate, and determined to stay in the game.

Gender Male
Day Eliminated 14
Place 3
Friends Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Navy
Enemies Purple, Lavender, Brown, Olive (Lime's side)

Participation in events

Lime was one of the last athletes remaining in the Algicosathlon, but before that, he had to stay in the game. Lime had it good, although at times he was dwindling close to elimination. He made it to the final three. Anyways, let's get to his stats. During RTTB 1, Lime got 4th place. During the first BMX race, Lime fell during the 1st crash, getting 13th in the event, and 8th overall. In the archery contest, Lime's team won, despite him being killed by Olive's arrow. That same day, in the sled dog race, Lime got 2nd in his division by a narrow margin of 0.1 seconds, falling to 10th. In the Day 4 long jump, Lime scored 1st place in the event, jumping 75 metres, and got 2nd place on the leaderboard! On Day 5, in the icosahedron contest, Lime's team won, despite very narrowly losing their own icosahedron. This put Lime up to 1st place, but this was a double event day, hence Lime getting 5th in his rowing division, 9th in the contest at large, and 3rd on the leaderboard. In the Day 6 basketball contest, Lime miserably failed the contest, needing 4x speedups to finish, whereas Navy, his closest competition, only needed 2x. Lime plummeted all the way to 8th place! At least Lime got the second-highest donation of points on Day 7, AND got 2nd in his division in the excavation! That shot Lime up to 5th place! The following day, a double-event, in the RTTB 2, Lime got into the bowl only after Pink: 2nd place! However, in the BMX 2, Olive was (possibly glitch-inducedly) attracted toward him, and they both fell. Lime got 4th in the event (Olive got 5th), and was pushed down to 3rd. In the Day 9 hockey event, Lime's team was pwned, with 3 wins to 4, Lime dropped to 4th, and Olive was eliminated the next day. In the Day 10 NBTOH event, Lime beat Lavender in their division, with 3 babies to 1. Lime rose back up to 3rd. On Day 11, the bowling contest, Lime tied with Blue for 3rd place, but that tie was broken, because Lime was knocked down only 3 times, Blue being KO'd 5 times. Lime rose to 2nd, but Blue dropped to 6th, and ended up being eliminated for it. During the Day 12 weightlifting contest, Lime got 1st place in the contest, and 1st overall! However, that glory was short-lived, as Lime lost the wrestling contest, losing the losers' round to Pink, but somehow managed to stay in the game, resulting in Pink's elimination. Sadly, in the pearl-catching event, Purple eked out a win by one pearl more than Lime's 12. Lime was in third place anyway, so he was eliminated.


Lime is sometimes mistaken a girl. And Hockey Lose you. And LIme was so popular some people were sad that he was dead. He is also shown being the perkiest of the group saying things like,"I feel really lucky cause I haven't been hit with a bowling ball yet!" He also smiles when announced winner of the tie between him and Blue on Day 11.

Lime is a fan favorite along with Blue

Lime is the highest ranking debuted athlete. He made it to the final 3.

- the 2nd debuted athlete who got a good score is Lavender making it to the final 5