Gender Male
Day Eliminated 10
Place 7th
Friends Everyone
Enemies Olive

Orange is a athlete in Algicosathalon, who was eliminated about 50 Points from Blue, he has a determined personality, and is energetic, happy and joyful (at times). He is also a kind person and make few enemies on his quest to win Algicosathlon and Algodecathlon. he did very good in challenges, getting in the top 5 with Olive, Blue, and Purple for a while until Day 10 where he was eliminated.

So far, Orange dislikes only Olive and tends to make more friends in Algicosathlon than in Algodecathlon.

Orange is friends with his alliance members and everyone else but Olive despite certain reasons which show dislike towards him. He performed pretty much less athletic and made deproved his rank though he made it far in both seasons. Orange is the 3rd fan favorite.

Yellow, Pink, and Blue are Orange’s best friends