Final 4

Pink in the Final 4 with Lime, Yellow, and Purple

Pink is a female athlete in the Algodecathlon and Algicosathlon. She lost to Green in the Algodecathlon, and got 6th.

Gender Female
Day Eliminated 13
Place 4
Friends Everyone
Enemies Purple (one-sided on Purple’s side)


Pink's personality is like Lindsay for Total drama ( getting confused) but even still is a great athlete getting in the final 4.

Memories of Pink

Pink started off with 10th.

She outlasted Yellow on day 2, with 3rd place, and 5th overall.

Her team won the archery challenge, sending her to 4th. However, after the 4th challenge, she dropped to 5th again.

Pink earned 4th in the long jump challenge, and rose to 4th.

Pink's team lost the tower defense challenge, plummeting her to 6th.

Pink had a mediocre performance in the basketball challenge, however she managed to keep her place at 6th.

Pink was the best nonqualifier in the excavating challenge, so she went from last to 8th.

She was the first into the 2nd bowl, raising her up to 1st place! Not a single contender was higher than her! However, she didn't do well in the 2nd cycling challenge, dropping her to 4th.

Her team lost the hockey challenge, so she dropped to 7th.

In the NBTOH challenge, she only lost 6 babies, raising her up to 1st again.

She didn't do too well in the bowling challenge, so she fell to 3rd.

She continued to do poorly in the weightlifting challenge, so she fell to 4th.

In the wrestling challenge, she needed a victory, but didn't get one. She stayed in last and was eliminated. She finished 3rd as a result and 4th on the leaderboard.