5 marbles race: black, red, yellow, green, blue. Event is always race to the bowl repeated.


Points given: 70, 55, 25, 15, 5

1st: 70: Green

2nd: 55: Black

3rd: 25: Blue

4th: 15: Yellow

5th: 5: Red (eliminated)


Points given: 84, 66, 30, 18

1st: Blue

2nd: Green

3rd: Yellow

4th: Black

Total ranks:

1st: 136: Green

2nd: 109: Blue

3rd: 73: Black

4th: 45: Yellow (eliminated)


Points given: 98, 77, 35

1st: Blue

2nd: Green

3rd: Black

Total ranks:

1st: 213: Green

2nd: 207: Blue

3rd: 108: Black (eliminated)


Points given: 112, 88

1st: Blue

2nd: Green

Total ranks:

1st: 319: Blue

2nd: 301: Green

All ranks:

1st: 319: Blue

2nd: 301: Green

3rd: 108: Black

4th: 45: Yellow

5th: 5: Red

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